Arrangements & Plans

As most are aware, the next few days are going to be very busy for us. We will be having a funeral meal for Bro. Dudley Albright’s family Thursday and also setting up and having refreshments for our dedication service. I felt it might be a good idea to communicate the plans and arrangements for the next few days in case anyone wanted to help, or had planned on helping. 
For the meal and the refreshments, our food teams have been organized to step in and provide for these events. If you want to bring food for the dedication service, please remember we are doing finger foods only, ie little sandwiches, cookies, etc. (Things that are easy and are not messy). The teams have also organized servers for both events. On Thursday, Sis. Martha Sunley we be the team captain, and for the dedication service Sis. Brenda Batson will be the team captain. If you would like to help serve for either of these events, please contact one of these ladies prior to the event and defer to their leadership. 
In regards to setting up and cleaning up, Bro. Ronnie Turner is organizing these efforts. If you would like to help with setting up tables and chairs, or, also equally important, cleaning up and getting ready for Sunday worship, please contact Bro. Ronnie for details. 
As always, this weekend will be a group effort and if we all work together I know it will be a blessing and God will receive the glory in it. 
In His Service, 
Bro. John E. Raines