Mission Efforts

Bro. Paul Cleveland, Sr. is sent out by Alvin Missionary Baptist Church working with Texas Mission Builders, a ministry sponsored by Eastside Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Texas. Bro. Paul has been in the ministry for over 35 years, surrendering to the Lord’s call in 1974 at Pine Springs Baptist Camp. Bro. Paul has served as pastor of Landmark MBC in Athens, TX, Harmony MBC in Pasadena, TX and most recently at Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Baytown where he pastored for 20 years. Bro. Paul was burdened by the Lord to work with Texas Mission Builders, as well as to help churches or missions that are without pastors or missionaries, respectively. In July 2011, the Lord led Alvin MBC to become Bro. Paul’s sponsoring church and are excited about the work being done with Texas Mission Builders at various projects around the state as well as Bro. Paul’s opportunities to fill in where needed.
Bro. Kim Williams is the missionary pastor at True Light Baptist Mission. The work began in 1995 at the Copper Tree Village Apartments as a mission effort of Grace Landmark MBC in Memphis, TN. The Mission has sought to impact this area through door-to door witnessing, discipleship, outreach activities and events. The focus of the ministry has been to address the major problems of the inner-city such as rebuilding broken families, strengthening and challenging men to be faithful fathers and husbands, encouraging and training women to be faithful and wise mothers and wives, and guiding and training youth to be godly young people. Thousands have heard the gospel, thousands of tracts have been distributed, and hundreds have made professions of faith. In April 2011, Alvin MBC became the sponsor for this work and we are truly excited about the work taking place at True Light and our opportunity to work with Bro. Kim and his family.