Prayer Service for Santa Fe High School

I am horrified to have to write this. As most of you have seen, Santa Fe High School, less than 8 miles away, was victimized by a shooter this morning. The school district is currently confirming several injured. 
I am asking all of you who are able to come tonight to the church from 7-8 PM for a special time of prayer for those affected. We will sing a hymn or two, have some selected corporate prayers and give people a time to pray individually silently. If you are on Facebook, please share this event. Otherwise, please help me spread the word the best that you can. 
Please do not hesitate to let me know by e-mail ( or by phone (713) 302-9319 if you have been personally affected or know some concrete way that we can help. 
We will seek to help whoever we can, however we can, but we cannot begin any better than by falling on our faces before God.